Students are trained and sent for Hindi Govt. Exams (Weekly two days class)

The school provides ample opportunities for students to take part in different co-curricular activities and thereby develop qualities of self-expression, self-confidence, self-discipline, purposefulness, endurance, decision making etc. which all are needed for a full and fruitful life.


Various clubs conduct programme and training in the respective field. The students from Std. I – IX and XI must enroll themselves in two of the following clubs.

  1. Literary

  2. Science

  3. Sports

The exhibits of club products and studies is an important event of the school year.


“Travelling” is a delightful distraction, which keeps the students in tune with the mysteries of nature and the life styles of different people. It broadens their horizon and enriches their education.

The school conducts open day for all the parents / guardian to meet the Principal, Vice-Principal, Asst. Vice - Principal, Headmistress, Class teachers and Subject teachers on few occasions in an academic year. The day and date for ‘open day’ will be informed through the HAND BOOK. National level sight-seeing tours, one day picnics and short tours are arranged on a regular basis to places of interest and historical importance. All the students have to participate in anyone of the Educational Tours which will be arranged by the Management.


Dance classes will be conducted twice a week. A nominal fee will be charged.


Yoga & Karate classes will be conducted twice a week. A nominal fee will be charged.


Must classes will be conducted twice a week for boys and girls. A nominal fee will be charged.


The purpose of yoga is to bring together the mind and the spirit. As yoga gets popular, it has sometimes been reduced to just another exercise. Some practitioners practice yoga to get a good sweat or lose a few pounds! Yoga helps the practitioners to get an enhancement of self-knowledge and clarity of mind. Generally the whole body, mind and muscles are toned to a great extent to get a very good body structure.

Yoga classes are being, conducted for the students of X & XII to improve their physical and mental agility and ability.


The School follows the House system to group the staff and all the students into four houses viz Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Each House has Guide staff, Students Captain, Vice- Captain and a group of students who help in the maintenance and layout of the House. There should be a healthy competitive spirit among the houses to excel in studies, games, athletics and other co-curricular activities